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FinTech solutions

Overlay Payment Solution

Are you struggling to provide users with a seamless and convenient payment experience? Traditional payment systems often lack the flexibility to adapt to diverse payment infrastructures and user needs. Our versatile and game-changing payment overlay solution is like a marvel that conquers payment challenges for everyone!

Turn your user payment experience into a lovable service to boost customer loyalty. User links their phone numbers or emails to a payment account, and can send and receive remittances, as well as person-to-person, bill, insurance, or any other payments, anytime, anywhere! Overlay payments seamlessly adapt to any payment and IT infrastructure. Ideal for financial institutions, SMEs, platform businesses, and government agencies that collect and disburse payments to individuals and legal entities.

Experience high availability, and enhanced processing capabilities, together with uncompromized security.  And scale transactions effortlessly!

Don’t miss the opportunity to stand out from the competition.
Contact our team today to plan the deployment! 

Directory management
Payment transfer
Payment processing

Split Payment Solution

Traditional vPOS (virtual point of sales) solutions often fall short in the call to automate the full cycle of payment flows when dealing with complex value chains. But fear not, our Split solution is here to transform your payment experience!

Unlike regular vPOS systems, Split payments bring automation to a whole new level. When collecting payments you can now automate its disbursement to be sent to more than one destination account. Set rules for commission and principle amount splitting.

We will integrate split with your backend and processing center, making it ideal for financial institutions, small and medium enterprises, and government agencies looking to streamline business payments. Financial institutions can offer the Split solution to their business-to-business clients. Say goodbye to manual processing and empower your users! Effortlessly manage payments to customers, partners, and suppliers.

Don’t wait! Contact our team today and let’s deploy the Split solution for your business!

Payment split
Payment Collection
VPOS management

InsurTech solutions

Smart Assessment

Welcome to Smart Assessment, the InsurTech solution leveraging machine learning to empower insurance experts, enhancing claim assessment speed, accuracy, and objectivity! 

Seamlessly integrate our model with your insurance platform and reveal untapped insights from claim investigation data. Data normalization and the unsupervised machine learning models lay the groundwork for consistent and reliable analysis. Smart Assessment would become the best assistant for insurance experts evaluating road accident fault correlation.

SmartAssessment excels when the number of claim assessment requests grows providing a crucial edge in accurately pinpointing fault, meanwhile reducing associated human errors, and discretionary expenses.

Integrate Smart Assessment into your workflow using our easy-to-use APIs, accessing the machine learning pipeline for efficient access and model management. With continuous model retraining capacity, stay relevant in the ever-changing insurance landscape.

SmartAssessment goes beyond claims, offering opportunities for process automation and solution enhancement!

Let’s make faster, better-informed decisions while staying ahead in the dynamic world of insurance.

Data normalization
Unsupervised machine learning models
Continuous retraining

Smart AutoScoring

Smart AutoScoring solution employs predictive data analytics for personalized, data-driven, and efficient policyholder scoring, ultimately boosting insurers’ profitability!

Transform your insurance strategy with Smart AutoScoring! Built on a robust foundation, we enable insurers to create precise scoring metrics for policyholders. We work closely with insurers to implement the most efficient risk-scoring mechanism for insurers. 

Smart AutoScoring categorizes policyholders into risk groups, offering a pivotal advantage in customizing strategies for distinct segments. Enabling insurers to align existing pricing policies with comprehensive risk assessment for both new and existing policyholders.

Explore automation opportunities and solution enhancement, propelling your business to new heights of efficiency and profitability. 

Reach out and collaborate with us and craft tailored scoring metrics for your business needs!

Data normalization
Data clusterization
Software Development

Application Development

Web, Mobile, and Back-End Application development

Are you seeking top-notch web, mobile, and back-end application development services? Look no further! Our experienced team specializes in a wide range of technologies, delivering excellence with every project.

We collaborating closely with your teams, we ensure that your web, mobile, and back-end applications meet your expectations and align perfectly with your business, technical, and security objectives. Our IT project managers and technology experts bring your visions to life on time, and budget!

Every step of the project is meticulously managed to ensure it’s completed within your specified timeline and budget. Whether you need project-based assistance or a long-term partnership, we’ve got you covered. We allocate the necessary talent and skills to boost your success and develop tailored applications with/ without your in-house IT teams.  

Web and mobile application development services are versatile and applicable across all industries. Our team is experienced in various sectors, including the telecom and financial industry. Ready to elevate your application game? Join forces with us, and let’s bring your project to life. Your success story begins here!

MS .Net Core
System Solutions

System Engineering

System Integrations

In today’s interconnected world, system interoperability is not just a buzzword—it’s an essential demand that grows in complexity and urgency. We are here to unlock system integrations across all sectors and businesses. You can trust us to professionally handle projects even with sensitive or financial data, and to seamlessly integrate your system with diverse systems and applications.

End-to-end integration solutions aim to align with your business objectives, technical specifications, and security requirements. We specialize in high-stakes systems, ensuring that your workflows are streamlined and processes perform efficiently. 

Let’s start our integration project with a comprehensive consulting and design phase, followed by implementation and testing. We leave no stone unturned to guarantee the highest quality integration architecture and robust exception-handling design.

Our commitment extends beyond project completion. We offer post-delivery support, maintenance, and training services, so you can rest assured that redundant operations won’t disrupt your business. Your satisfaction is our priority!

Whether you’re in the financial industry or any other industry, we tailor our solutions to your needs. Let us take care of your integration projects! 


Data Engineering

Are you in need of top-tier data engineering services? Our skilled team offers an array of data engineering solutions, including data architecture design, data integration, data warehousing, data migration, and more…

Our experts directly collaborate with our partners to ensure that our data engineering solutions align perfectly with your business, technical, and operational goals. Our data engineers are well-versed in a variety of technologies, and capable of seamlessly handling big data frameworks and traditional relational databases. Our project managers ensure that our project stays on track at every phase of your project, managing timelines and budgets. 

Whether you require project-based support or a long-term partnership, we’ve got the expertise to deliver. Whether our partners engage or do not engage in-house IT teams, we allocate the right talent and skills to guarantee the project’s success. Our focus is on solving technical, procedural, and business challenges across all industries for a wide range of industries, from telecom and financial services to government agencies. 

We’re here to streamline your data operations, provide actionable insights, and propel your business forward. Partner with us, and let’s turn your data challenges into opportunities for success!

Microsoft SQL
Apache Kafka
Amazon S3
Mongo DB

Software Delivery Services

In today’s tech-driven world, manual application patching and version updates can be a cumbersome and risky process. 

Many companies require immense development, system administration, testing, and management resources in the software delivery process. Still, the outcome is often uncertain, and value delivery to customers gets stretched, making it costly.

There is a better way — Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines and other DevOps solutions. We’ve got your IT team and management’s back with the skills, knowledge depth, and capacity to deliver top-notch CI/CD and other DevOps solutions. We work closely with your teams to implement industry-best practices in continuous integration, continuous delivery, infrastructure automation, site reliability, system availability, and scalability.

Achieve faster-time-to-market! Our services can significantly reduce your time-to-market for new applications and features. Your users won’t notice any abnormalities—just smooth, exceptional service.

Upscale your software delivery process, and make it faster, more efficient, and surely cost-effective. Contact us for free consulting!

MS Azure
ELK Stack

Data Science

Machine Learning

Are you ready to take data-driven decision-making to the next level? Unleash the Power of ML and AI! 

Our team of data scientists is armed with the skills, knowledge, and field expertise to develop custom data models tailored to your business.

We offer a range of ML and AI solution development services, tapping into the immense potential of machine learning. From predictive modeling to natural language processing, deep learning, image recognition, and signal processing. We’ve got it all covered! 

We work closely with you to understand your unique business needs and challenges, designing custom and cutting-edge solutions that bring about a transformative impact.

Ready to revolutionize the way you do business with AI and ML? Partner with us and embrace the future of data-driven success!”


Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Do you harness the power of data to drive your business forward? We bring the strength of science to your fingertips, offering cutting-edge data science and analytics services that unlock valuable insights.

Our data scientists leverage state-of-the-art tools and techniques to collect, process, and analyze data from multiple sources and build up your company’s data-driven intelligence. We craft custom solutions tailored to your unique business model and IT infrastructure needs, whether it’s data visualization or performance tracking.

With our data analytics services, you can shape your next competitive edge. Make informed decisions, stand out from the competition, and stay ahead in a world driven by data.

Ready to transform your business through data intelligence? Partner with us and unlock the potential of your data!

Partner Care

Beyond Sales

Solution Consulting

When it comes to IT consulting, we’re not just advisors; we’re your strategic partners. Whether you’re starting a new project, exploring development opportunities, or enhancing existing solutions, we offer both qualitative and quantitative assessments.

Our expert opinions are geared toward actions and selection of relevant technologies that align with your current and long-term goals, making us the ideal partner for your successful journey.

Return of Investment (ROI)
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Recovery Time Objective (RTO)
Recovery Point of Objective (RPO)

Support & Maintenance

We secure our clients with top-quality maintenance and support services to ensure the smooth operation of your technology solutions.

Our team of maintenance and support professionals is available around the clock to promptly address any technical issues that may arise, and we pride ourselves on providing quick and effective solutions to keep your systems up and running. We also offer regular software updates and upgrades to enhance the functionality of your software, as well as training and documentation to help you get the most out of your technology investment.

Trust us to keep your software running smoothly, so you can focus on growing your business.

3rd Level Support
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24/7 Personal Availability
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